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Pakistan Association of the Blind (Sindh) was supported on 30th of October 1974 to act as a catalyst for blind people. It’s since then been providing such people tremendous quantity of support, resilience and love. The association has its foundation built on respect, self-sufficiency, love and independence. PAB (Sindh) is a platform for visually impaired members of the society to bring out their hidden potential. It caters to the social economic, cultural, academic, medical and sports requirements of the blind. The association is raised on the promise of creating the blind understand the loss of sight is simply one physical hindrance; beyond that they are extraordinary. Pakistan Association of the Blind (Sindh) is currently supporting blind inhabitants through nineteen branches all over Sindh.

It isn’t easy being blind. In addition to the physical impairment there is a myriad of emotional, mental and social stress. The purpose of PAB is to call out to every existing blind individual on to one single platform and provide them a chance to live a respectful independent life. We aim to better their socio economic standard and improve their opportunities to live as an equal contributor of the society. Our purpose is to reform and provide support to existing institutions of the Blind so that they may provide high standard of education, training and rehabilitation. Our efforts don’t stop there, we further struggle to encourage implementation of legislation in order to provide blind individuals with fundamental rights that makes them just as much a part of the society as us.

One of our major objectives is to provide educational and vocational programs to the blind. We bridge the gap between blind individuals and employment opportunities. Our programs enable them to overcome their physical impairment and be eligible for employment opportunities that they previously found difficult to opt for. We work towards promoting cultural, sports and recreational activities which boost their self-esteem and distract them from the daily routine stress. PAB aims to address the issue of lack of resources for the blind by importing equipment’s that are not available through local suppliers. We dream of a better world where blind individuals are leading self-sufficient, independent and respectable lives. A world where they are able to co-exist with other members of the society and their physical impairment doesn’t create a barrier.

Just like any normal member of the society, the visually impaired can also intentionally or unintentionally come under the influence of social and moral evils. It is our responsibility to give them our unconditional support and show them a way out towards a better life. Lastly but not the least we intend to put in our maximum efforts to grab the attention of Provincial and Federal Authorities and encourage, motivate or remind them to make use of their powers to the fullest in passing legislations that provide infinite welfare of the Blind.

To provide Blind members specialized trainings which will enrich their skills and offer them equal opportunities in order to participate and contribute as reputable individuals of society.

To provide the blinds with educational services, that has been personalized around individual meets. Visual impairment becomes hindrance for them and limits the possibilities of their learning through visual aids. Our major objectives is to eradicate all these barriers so that they may be educated like every other person of the society.

To provide them with specialized trainings which will enhance their skills and provide them with equal opportunity to participate and contribute in our society.